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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Dr Lamb does not dilate your pupils unless you are coming to see him for your vision.

No surgery is paid in full prior to surgery.  As of October 2016 the government have ruled cosmetic surgery cannot be paid by payment plans

There is a cooling off period of 7days prior to booking.

Definitely no if you’re having sedation if it’s a minor procedure you can however it is preferred for you to have a driver.

You do if you wish to claim the Medicare rebate.

No Dr Lamb only performs eyelid and brow surgery.

No surgery will only tighten the area and you will appear fresher, however if there is a problem with the shape you may wish to have it changed.

Generally there is no exercise for a minimum of 1 week depending on the type of surgery performed.  Light walking is ok.

If there is an item number for the procedure yes, Dr Lamb is a no gap Dr for most non-cosmetic surgeries.

Yes we can for the necessary time needed to heal.