Welcome to the practice of Dr Archie Lamb, a specialist eye surgeon who performs reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid and brow surgery. As an ophthalmologist, his extensive knowledge and experience of the eye region means he is able to offer the highest standard of surgery.

Whether a patient is having reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, Dr Lamb’s philosophy is always the same. He wants to fix the functional problem and make patients look good. His use of a CO2 laser in eyelid and brow surgery reduces bleeding, swelling and recovery time.

Dr Lamb performs cosmetic procedures in his own operating theatre at Spring Hill. This facility also serves as a low-cost outpatient facility for uninsured patients.

Surgeons from Australia and overseas often request to observe Dr Lamb’s surgical techniques and he frequently repairs problems referred by other doctors. Dr Lamb also lectures nationally and internationally on eyelid, brow and Asian double eyelid surgery.

Dr Lamb consults at Chermside (Brisbane North Eye Centre) every second Monday, and consults and operates the remainder of the week at St Andrew’s Place in Spring Hill.