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Eyelid cysts and lesion removal


Eyelid cysts and lesions can occur at any age and have the potential to be cancerous. Dr Lamb is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating both benign and malignant tumors. In addition, he strives to achieve the best possible cosmetic results following surgery.

Cysts are the most common form of eyelid lesions. These are generally very simple to treat with minor surgery and can usually be done at the time of consultation.


Lid lesions are very common and can be malignant or benign. Sometimes there is some uncertainty but most lid lesions require surgery and are routinely submitted for histopathology. Those that are benign can often be removed with laser and may not require sutures.  Basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) represent the vast majority of malignant lid lesions and are often removed with simple surgery. However, if the BCC is extensive, surgery can be complex and require skin grafts. If the edges of a tumour are imprecise, a pathologist will be present to perform a frozen section analysis to determine when the skin cancer has been completely removed.

Postoperative Instructions

No bending, lifting heavy objects or any strenuous exercises for a day or two. Swelling should be minimal.  You may take Paracetamol tablets if necessary for pain.  A small amount of blood ooze is normal during the 24 hours following surgery.


There is a small risk of infection, scarring, a white mark or recurrence of the lesion.