Volume replacement for cheeks

Volume replacement for cheeks


Cheeks are an important feature of the face.  As we age our cheeks lose their volume, this leads to the formation of jowls which makes us look old and tired.  Dermal fillers can not only provide an instant lift but also improve the facial proportions give you a more youthful appearance.  According to facial aesthetic expert Dr Herve Raspalso an attractive face is characterised by smooth round contours, high cheek bones and a thin well defined jawline.  These features together comprise of the “triangle of beauty” or heart shaped face.

Who might benefit from this treatment?

  • Younger patient who lacks volume and prefers a fuller cheek
  • Patients who want more definition
  • Patients with volume loss due to aging or extreme weight loss


Cheek enhancement procedure takes approximately 30–40 minutes.  Most fillers on the market today contain local anaesthetic therefore there is minimal discomfort, however a topical anaesthetic cream is available if required.  The dermal filler is administered through a number of marked injection points via a small needle.  The amount of filler used depends on the amount of volume loss or the amount of enhancement needed.

Postoperative Instructions

After the treatment once the anaesthetic has worn off there may be tenderness in the area treated.  The area may feel a little lumpy however this usually resolves over a couple of weeks.


The most common side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness, lumps / bumps, redness and bruising.  These usually resolve in approximately 14 days.  As with all skin injections there is always a risk of infection.