Injections to reduce wrinkles

Injections to reduce wrinkles

Please note that the Therapeutic Goods Administration prevents us from using product names or ingredient names in publications. Our staff will be pleased to discuss specific products at the time of consultation.

Our practice takes great care and pride in performing subtle yet highly effective minimally invasive procedures that refresh the appearance of our patients. We treat dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contraction (such as when frowning or squinting), static wrinkles that exist when the face is relaxed, and age and lifestyle-related sagging and volume loss.

The three main methods we use to achieve a more youthful appearance in our patients are:

  • Injectable muscle relaxants to weaken the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles and furrows
  • Dermal fillers and volumisers to plump specific static lines and areas of the face
  • Rehydrators to attract and retain water, like an internal moisturizer, and improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Learn about options for injections to reduce wrinkles, including: